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 Blood Bowl - Video Game review

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PostSubject: Blood Bowl - Video Game review   Thu Mar 11, 2010 6:37 pm

Now first beforee i give you the link i must say that i don't like this guy much but since he was reviewing the Blood Bowl game then i felt i had too shere it with you.

Blood Bowl - Review

Now i actually own the Xbox version(oh deers!) and i have to say that he was realy harsh...it was probbaly a 4/10. The main problem is the Ternovers get more annoying then they are exciting like in the normal blood bowl so i ended up playing real time...and won 12-2. It was sooo long and insultinly easy that i haven't played it since and the Normal mode annoyed me soo much that i ended up rage quiting at the half time. It also was way way too expensive and i only got it becuase Bllod bowl is hard to play with someone now a days.
My advice is to dust of your old board and play your self as it wiull be better than this game.
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Blood Bowl - Video Game review

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