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 A History of Might of Middle-earth!

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PostSubject: A History of Might of Middle-earth!   Sat May 15, 2010 11:53 am

Well we aren't a very large community however we are a long running one and have been through a lot from the very beginning!

The Original!

It all started back on November 21st 2007 when a small time committed hobbyist decided they wanted to create their own forum for people to hang out and discuss the hobby. On that day, 'More Middle-earth' the original Might of Middle-earth was born.

Unfortunately I have no pictures of the original as the website was taken down due to inactivity a short while ago, but the website was horrible. We have come a long way since, the themes were ugly, the forums were untidy and disorganized, there were no form of rules at all and the forum was generally scrappy.

This website was created using Free Forums and managed to amass a whopping 11 members and 200 posts Wink.

Morgoths Crown!

In January 2008 I think I must've been out of my head somewhat in the creation of Morgoths Crown, a kind of spin-off side project that took over More Middle-earth.

It was created using Free Webs and was a lot more organized and better laid out but the forum system on it was terribly designed and had no profiles or ways of counting posts etc. Also the web space was very very limited.

It seemed the community had failed when we only managed to receive 6 members including myself to this one.

Might of Middle-earth v1!

April 17th 2008 the first version of Might of Middle-earth was born after I had researched various free forum hosting. This was the first of my various failed attempts to make a forum that gathered some interest, I believe we had managed to get about 20 members and a 1000 or so posts, a lot more successful than the previous attempts. However like both previous attempts, it wasn't long before the website lost its interest and had died out.

It seemed to have made me feel like it was time to give up, as it was quite some time before the revamp of Might of Middle-earth went live. I have no pictures of this website either as the host also deleted it due to inactiveness. However this was the first website to feature many things such as competitions and The Shadow of the Dog Lord Roleplaying Adventure Game!

Might of Middle-earth v2!

This is the previous version of the website that preceded the current version you are on at this very minute.

On October 21st 2008 this website was born using setBB forum publishers and it was by far the most successful website yet for us and much more promising especially after the previous failures. Reaching 3799 Posts and 58 Members it still beats the current website however the new one is still more active in ways of statistics Smile.

This was the first website to feature tutorials sections and competitions that won prizes!

And Here We Are!

September 6th 2009! Might of Middle-earth v3! I finally decided I'd stop being lazy and start paying a little bit of money to make the website better. I found a suitable website hoster (Forumotion) and payed for Advert Removal (they always were a pest) as well as a Gallery with extra space and a customized domain name.

We are still going now as you can see and I don't intend on giving up on it anymore. I've learned that with a little perseverance we can make it through even the worst sessions of inactivity.

Okay, so that was a little bit about the history of how we got where we are today.

Some of you will remember different versions of the website others of you will be completely new.

However before we finish I would just like to give a massive thank you to one member who has stuck with me ALL THE WAY THROUGH right from the very first website 'More Middle-earth' and who is still a member today.

So THANK YOU 'ryuzaki'! You are the only person who has been a member of the site right the way through!

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PostSubject: Re: A History of Might of Middle-earth!   Sat May 15, 2010 2:01 pm

aww thanks.
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A History of Might of Middle-earth!

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