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 WD369- Island of Blood

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PostSubject: WD369- Island of Blood   Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:58 pm

A few things I need to say before the review it’s self. Firstly the compentison last month was a huge flop. Not only did I double check the number but I made it 8.....which no one else got. So I will try it again this month and if it fails again then I might have to drop the comp idea. The second is once again this is a fantasy focused issue (as will be the next one...boooo!) so I might struggle somewhat here and there not know many of the rules or fluff of the fantasy universe...unless it’s about Lizardmen who are awesome*buy them!*. Anyway back to the report.

The new releases this month are not that many but they are big ones. The main thing is the Island of Blood starter set. I have to admit that not being a Fantasy player this kit does look awesome and if only they where Lizardmen I would have got it (I like Lizardmen). We also have some direct stuff for Skaven in the form of conversion kits for making Slingers and 4 of the old metal Rat Ogres. On a non fantasy issue we have 3 new painting sets out with Night Goblins, Moria Goblins or Space Marines with every paint you would need to paint them including Foundation paints and some washes which is pretty nice considering their previous versions just had the basic paints (RIP Tentacle Pink). We also have a Stompa conversion kit form Forge World with a “Lifta Dropper, Claw arm and Zappy eye” which looks great. On a side note I normal don’t cover Black Library but this week I will cover one as it’s a book all about the Island of Blood, its history, events and such.

To the main articles we have a look at the Island of Blood box which is actually really short for a GW article. Only 5 pages with 2 for each army and 1 for generic stuff. However a great battle report next as well has a 2000pts battle between......Lizardmen and Lizardmen! I can hope High Elves and Skaven but the catch is they HAVE to use the Constance of the Island of Blood box set at least which of course means you see the Elf Prince and the Skaven Warlock Engineer. I’m NOT going to tell you the name of the Skaven Warlord as I know GW have a comp involving them so I don’t want to give you an unfair advantage....so there.

40k gets 4 new formations for Apocalypse games including 1 with Kairos Fateweaver and between 3-5 Daemon Princes!!!! LOTR talks about grudge matches and even a scenario for WOTR with Mordor Vs Isengard which looks great. And now something I have been waiting for such a long time. An SBG article!!!!!! It’s about bloody time GW. This article looks at the alliance with Khazad-dum and Arnor against the Orcs of the North. It even shows some fantastic painting schemes for all 3 armies some of which I have never seen before.

And bow for the builders and Painters we also have something for you. Painting Tanks, more specifically Camo designs for your leman Russ. Showing how to make effective camo painting using masking take (ah is there anything masking/duct tape can’t solve?) They also show how they build the Island of blood and it looks epic, skulls all over the place.

Anyway next month we have more Fantasy stuff with High Elves getting more modals as well as a look into the Dwarves and new models for them as well(here’s hopes for that Cave Drake). Chaos also gets some Planet Strike tips with both painting and gaming as far as I can see.

This issue is above average. It’s the first issue to have SBG in it other than just posting the rules for them in it. It also has a bit to please everyone really. However that said if you’re a per 40k player and don’t play Daemons or Chaos you can possibly miss this issue but for everyone else this is a well worth issue. Plenty of Fantasy and WOTR and possibly the best painting tutorial I have ever seen.

This month’s Special word is LIZARDMEN. Rules are that you do NOT count the title or the word in red.
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PostSubject: Re: WD369- Island of Blood   Sat Aug 28, 2010 12:30 am

Hmm, finally, a SBG article. And about Arnor/Dwarves v Angmar. Sounds really interesting. I'll definitely pick this one up (doesn't hurt that Isle of Blood is tempting albeit expensive).

As for your competition, I'd advise doing something more along the lines of picking which word appears the most in your review rather than just counting a single word. Change it up, make it interesting and challenging Smile

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WD369- Island of Blood

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